Sunday, February 14, 2010

My Love Story

Every boy and girl have relationships that they want to share to thier friends.Who wouldn't?Some or most cases,a guy or girl have to face certain situations on thier love life.I have a share fair of ups and downs on loving someone.I really find it really difficult to love someone that special.Someone that is meaningfull to me.A special person that completes me.To be fair and honest,through all my 16 years,I haven't found that 'someone' yet.

Most of the girls i fall for are my friends love interest.Meaning,I fall for girls who are my male friends crush or the girl that they like.I am such a disgrace towards my friends.I love the girl that they love.I'm really sorry guys:<.If your'e reading this i'm really such a lowly guy,but I've made up my mind that love doesn't come that easily.It's not like buying a toy capsule.You know,the one where you just insert 20 cents and the capsule will come out.I finally realise that you can't buy love.Try to relate me in the song that you're hearing rite now.I specifically pick this song for my blog 'cause it really potray the way how my love life goes.The song 'Just So You Know' by Jesse McCartney is about Jesse and his two friends going out together.And one of his friends is a girl.Who'd knew that he fall for that girl,knowing that she is in a relationship with his friend.Same goes for me.But i realise that i can't just barge in someone's relationship.I have to find that special someone.I must not rely on my friends all the time.Love is hard to get.Somehow I still question myself,'What is love actually?' The question just keeps on coming in my head.But I think,you'll only find the meaning once you find that 'special someone' to relate to.

If you're wondering why I didn't barge in into my friends relationship or just take away the girl from them that they like it's because I AM NOT THAT TYPE OF PERSON.I am not the type of guy who would do such a thing to friend 'cause that's their chapter of their story.Not mine.I have to find my own 'someone' to complete the very chapter of my life.I feel very happy seeing my friends fall in love,while I'm just sitting there watching.It's not that I don't want to find that girl yet.It's just too early for me to get into relationships right now.All have to do now is study hard,achieve my goals, and be the person I want to be.I'm not saying that falling in love right now is wrong.No.I'm just saying that I think I can't cope with this whole love charade.With my studies to worry about,i can't juggle it properly.To me,succes comes first then love.That's my principles.

I would like to end it here today.'Me', being so emotional is totally wrong!Haha!This is totally out of character.Usually I'm a happy and cheery guy.Well,I'll end it here.Happy Valentine's Day and Happy Chinese New Year!!

P.S.Watch the music video above please.You'll understand. 

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  1. i love this post.i owez met u at scool.just pass by and smile.haha!i kinda like ur attitude.