Monday, November 30, 2009

Friend Of The Day

He is a guy whose life revolves around the art of photography and music.He is a cheerfull guy,always there when you are feeling sad or depressed.Yup,the friend that I'm gonna talk about today is Lizman Lim.

Me and Lizman are like buddies till the end man!From the first day I met him.I met this great person during the first day of school at Dato Permaisuri.Our friendship began to blossom  when I made him join my band Peer Pressure.Haha.Funny,'cause the band didn't turned out the way it suppose to be.But that didn' stop us there.We continue to share our deep inner thoughts about music though.I was relly astounded and amaze hearing him sing.His voice is really unique and no one can immitate his sound. 

The year passed by and we're still great friends.Unfortunately,he moved to another class this year.It really makes me sad seeing my great friend is in another class,but I still see him everyday.He always visit my class to ligthen the mood,always there to cheer us up.

If you have a friend like Lizman,I doubt that you'll ever fell lonely and miserable,'cause 'he is like a sun,brigthening the day with his shine.'

"About Me"

Ok,let's get started.I'm a 15 year old boy who is currently studying at SMK Dato Permaisuri.Got a lot of supporting friends.I kinda like that school very much.Not bad as people thought it would..Funny..And still waiting for my PMR results..Besides that,I'm a guy whose hobby is playing around with the guitar then if i'm in a bad mood,I'll play the piano.You know..playing music just brighten my life.Without them..the world would mean nothing.My other hobby is playing video games!!I really like playing video games people!!!I can't help myself!

Next is my favourite singers that I like to listen to.They are Jesse Mccartney,Leona Lewis,Daughtry,Celine Dion, and Kelly Clarkson.My favourite bands would be The Jonas Brothers,the uprising band The Maine, The Click 5 and Paramore.My taste in music is more to pop rock but i also enjoy listening to ballad songs.It soothes the soul you know..And P.S. Don't think I'm a fagged who listens to Jo Bro's songs okay..They sound kinda good.

My favourite food.Hmm...can't think of any..'Cause I eat almost anything which is eadible.Well.. perhaps hamburgers and simple stuff like that.

My ambition is to become a proscessing enginner for the oil and gas company.Maybe Petronas or Shell.Idunno..Maybe either one of them..

Lastly,my love life.This is quite an interesting topic to discuss.Well, I have a lot of 'girl friend' but not the official one yet.I just wanna make sure it stay that way until I find the 'ONE' who is right for me.The qualities I want in a girl..Hmm....they must be beautiful,smart,heart warming,funny,kind,caring,and most of least know how to play some musical instruments especially the piano.

Well,this all there is to know about me.I hope you guys enjoyed reading it!!I'll try posting some MORE interesting stuff on my blog.Until then,thanks for your time!!