Friday, May 14, 2010

Petro Science

What's up everyone! Suggesting from the title, I had participated in a science show at SM Sains 2 weeks ago. I can't tell you how nervous me and my friend  was with the show.Seriously! And guess who i partnered with for the science show..It's my best bud, Gabriel! I tell ya, me and Gab are just like salt and pepper,ham and cheese.We go so well together you know!Plus, we really enjoyed ourselves there!

Before the week of the show,we already prepared all of our stuff and materials for the competition.Props and everthing. Our experiment was applying the concept of density.As you all know, density is known as mass over volume.For our experiment, we managed to make a a pen cap stuffed with plasticine sink and float at will! I know,you guys might think we're nuts but you're mistaken. It really happened!

Once the competition was about to start, both of us were not nervous at all. Funny eh? Well, maybe because both of us are exposed well enough towards the crowds or...maybe it's just that only 5 schools participated? I think, the second reason is more reasonable. Haha! Seriously people! Only 5 schools participate, excluding those giants like SMK Chung Hua and Kolej Tunku Haji Bujang. We were like at peace I tell you. No worries at all. Honestly speaking, we really can't wait for our turn. We were the second school to present our project, so once it's our turn, we immediately went to the stage.

During the performance, we really, really, really enjoyed ourselves! We were having so much fun entertaining the audience! So, to make it more interesting, we called out a volunteer from the audience to try out the experiment. Gabriel did the picking and I told the male volunteer try to make the pencap in the bottle to sink. Here comes the good part. You see, when we did the presentation we made the pencap sink and float using the microphone and a plastic mechanical pecil. We briefly informed the audience that there is no magnets stuffed inside the plasticine, neither the microphone nor the plastic mechanical pencil. This made the audience and the judges a little sceptical on our topic. I guess, what was on their mind was,'How can they do it?' or Gabriel's idea... ,'Perhaps they are using some sort of medieval black magic of some sort?' Go Gabriel, with your silly ideas.Haha!! Well, coming back to our topic, so, once we called out the volunteer to try it out, he couldn't make it happen. So i passed him the mic, but he tried and nothing happened. The audience was yelling,'Sink it! Sink it!' all because of Gabriel. Gabriel kept on saying,'Sink it' untill the audience followed. I gotta praise him there though. Wouldn't be as much fun without him. Afterthat, I gave a brief explanation about the trick. Actually, when we press the bottle, a little amount of pressure is applied to the pencap. This in turn, will reduce the volume at a very small scale. Once the volume has been reduced, the density of the object will increase. This will allow the pencap to sink. 

After the performance, the three of us, Gabriel, Cikgu Eriffin, and me myself was overjoyed. I mean we managed to interact the audience very well. Even the judge and the teachers sitting at the front were at awe. I'm not trying to be full of myself ok. There were good competitors too. St.Columbus and SMK Merbau were very good too. Not to mention the other two schools as well. Anyhow, I hope that we can represent Miri at Kuching for this 'science show'. I really hope so. But, until then, I just gotta wait and be positive.

Looks like I have to end it here. Gotta do my revisions. Having tests for the next two weeks. So, hope you guys enjoyed it and I'll be writting new posts soon enough. Maybe during the holidays. Untill then, see ya!!