Saturday, December 26, 2009

PMR Results:>

Woohooo!!The PMR results came out last Thursday!I couldn't forget how nervous i was the night before the results came out.I couldn't sleep well,so I read manga at!!Manga's are the best I tell ya!This site got Naruto:Shippuden and Bleach!!How awesome is that!If I'm not mistaken,I slept at 3 a.m. in the morning.I mean,WOW!Was i nervous.Seriously!

The next morning I woke up,I took  a quick shower and a hearthy breakfast.Man!Those scrambled eggs my mom whipped up was so scrumptious that I can still imagined it!(Exagerating a little..hehe..)I got in the car with my dad who is really anticipating a lot from me.Boy..can u imagine,that the whole family of your's are anticipating something great from you.I mean i f you just let this slip away,your whole family..i mean life is gonna be different..I mean all those hardship in school..all those months of studying..just go to waste.That's just tragic..And that's how I live.

Anyways forget those craps i was yapping about.It doesn't really matter anyways.All that matter now is my results.Once I reached school,all of my friends were waiting already.Gabriel called me out in front of the i really missed him..And he had a new look!It's kinda cool!We chat about what we were doin' during the holidays and stuff like that.

Afterawhile,the results came out.I was already getting a little nausia and my stomach was churning like never before.I got dizzy when I got up.I'm not trying to exagerate here people.This is the truth!!This is how people feel when something important is about to come out.Something that will decide your path on which career you will take.Carving a new path for us to lead our life.Yes.The PMR results.But,not a problem for my pal Gabriel.I mean he's all happy and excited.Exactly the oppisite.As you all know,Gab is cheerfull guy,but at times like this i dunno how he can live up to that.Seriously.I was just sitting down in the corner waiting for my results until suddenly,I heard a yell of delight in the midst of the crowd.I don't know who it was,so I stood up and saw Gabriel,leaping in joy yelling"Woohoo!!I didn't failed Maths!!I didn't failed Maths!!"Haha!It was rather enjoyfull seeing him happy like that.He got 4A's3B's,which is great!I can't tell you how proud I am seeing him succeed and happy like that..

When It's my turn to see my results,I was already shaking.I found out i did quite well.6A's 2B's.
Not that impressive as most of my friends,but still it was good enough.Seeing how happy my friends were are really something meaningfull that can't be replaced.When I called my mom and dad,they were really happy!!

Then,I met up with Zainal.I told him to get his results in front of the dewan.I was really anticipating his results.While I was waiting,i met up with Hariz and Zaki.They were really happy!!Both of them got 7A's1B's.Congrats u guys!!Then Zainal showed up.He told me he got 6A's2B's!!I was really happy about that until I can't conrol myself.I hugged him.(Don't think it's gay ok.It doesn't mean that 2 best friends can't hug each other when they did something really good.It's natural).

As the days goes by,my friends and I had been enjoying ourselves.Well,some are not.Don't let this PMR test result bother you.Doesn't matter how many A's you got.All that matter is wheter we are in the stream that we want to be in.It is just to determine which stream you wanna take.Art or Science.That's it.We have another shot to prove our parents that we can really score tests.And that is,SPM.So,you people out there enjoy yourselves,work hard,study hard,and play hard 'cause we only have about 2 years to prepare ourselves for the real deal.

So,you readers out there,hope you enjoy the post.I'll be back on New Year's Eve.So a very Happy New Year and Merry Christmas!!:>

Thursday, December 24, 2009

My Appologies..Again..

How's it going people.Been awhile since I post anything new..Reason is,that I just came back from Kuching.Man!I really enjoyed my time there!We went to the beach,the shopping mall and..that's about it.I just want to say sorry 'again' for not posting any new posts.:(

Oh!As a reminder,I won't be posting any new post's from next Monday till next Thursday,'cause I will be spending my time with my family at K.K. We're having our holiday there.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Friend Of The Day

The friend that I want to talk about today is someone..special.You'll probably think it's girl,right.Nope.It's a guy.Don't try having any second thoughts ok.He's just like brother to me.
A younger brother.This great person is Zainal.

I met Zainal last year,around the month of February or March I think.I can't recall.I met him sitting inside the dewan 'ALL ALONE'.It was rather amusing 'cause everyone was staring at him.Seriously.They were like 'staring' at him.He didn't noticed 'cause he was reading a book.Oh!And Zainal is in the same class as me.Anyways,once we got back to class I introduced myself to him.He was kinda shy though,but he got over it.From that day on,we became the best of friends!

As the days,months,and years passed,I realized being friends with Zainal is so fun and awesome.He's well-behaved,down to earth atitude,'halim',and funny.These are his characteristics.Well,there are MORE about him but I'm kinda lazy to jolt them down.
As good friends,we shared secrets(I tend to forget all of his secrets so his secrets are safe.No need to worry pal):>
and shared our thoughts about music.Man!When this guy sings,he'll 'melt' your heart right away!His voice is just amazing!I think,he'll be the champion for Academy Fantasia !He got all the qualities of an actor and a singer.He's handsome,can sing really nice,a good actor,and with his down to earth atitude,he can succed in anything!

One thing that I would like to say is,I want our friendship to last and hope I get to see this amazing person next year.Having a friend such as Zainal,is just amazing.Friends like this guy here will make your life more meaningfull.

K.L. Experience

Hey people!Hope you enjoy this post about my experience in K.L.!I had such a great time there,all i did is shop,eat,shop,eat,flirt,shop,eat,flirt more,and repeat the procees.Haha!Seriously!That's all I did when i was at K.L.!BUT,I masih jaga sembahyang I.

So,the first day was typical.Just as we arrived  at the hotel,we straight away did are shopping!Man!There are a 'lot' of stuff there!Hang on..I forget to mention where we stayed...Haha!How silly of me.Too excited,that's why.Well,we stayed at Cititel,connected to MidValley.Anyways,once we got there,we did are shopping.It's really cool!!They were a lot of shops there!I didn't been to K.L. and shop at MidValley for like 2 years,and MidValley changed quite a bit.Yes.A bit.Not a lot.They just did some decorations at the mall.Well,christmas  is coming soon.Boy,they are really in the holiday mood.Seriously.There were a lot of events going on in the mall.

Ok.So,the mall was nice,the shops were totally awesome,and as a bonus,the girls were really pretty.As the days moved on,i manage to shop for my stuff.First thing that i bought was a perfume,BVLGARI  AQVA.It costs me a mint!I've forgotten how costly perfumes are!Anyways,It's a great perfume.It smells like some sort of 'ocean smell' to it.I don't know how to put it in words by how it smells.It's just a distinctive smell.Later on,my cousin and I bought some clothes at Quicksilver,East India,ESPRIT,and one pair of shoes,CIANO.The clothes were nice and the shoe was very attractive!Not that I want to brag or anything,but they were really nice!

I spent 5 days at K.L.,but I don't know how to exagerate it a little more.All I can say is that,whenever you want to go shopping in K.L.,make sure you bring a lot of money to buy your stuff,always exercise before you go to K.L. 'cause you'll gonna need the stamina to do your shopping.I mean the malls overthere are HUGE!Way bigger than our Bintang Plaza!Seriously!

Hope you dear readers enjoy the post!Until next time!

Deepest Appologies...

My deepest appologies people!It's been quite 'awhile' since I post a new post.
Reason is,I was at Kuala Lumpur,shopping with my aunts and cousins.MAN!What a holiday!
I still feel my heels burning..Well,anyways,I'll tell you my experience at K.L. on the post above.
Hope you'll like it!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Friend Of The Day

Hmm..He's talented.He's smart.He's handsome.He's such a great buddy to get along with.A friend til the end,and that person is none other than Gabriel.

He is..what you in a million.Having him as a  friend is like..there's no worries to worry.You know.He's my BEST BUDDY man,till the end!He is a great person to get along with.With his super funny jokes,he really can make people laugh!Haha!He is also "multi-talented",good at drawing,acting,and singing! should hear him sing.He sounds a little like Michael Bublaine!He draws awsomely good pictures of humanoid animals,or..what he calls them.And definetly a good actor!Always fooling around with me with his con-act..(I always got foolled by him):<

In class,we always compete in English.Competing.Competing.Competing since I met him in Form 1.He is really fluent in English.We took English competions just to test our seems that we're even.Me getting 1st place.Him getting 2nd.Then next,he got 1st place and i got 2nd or 3rd.Yeah.Thats how it goes.

I have to keep the post short though.I really hope I can see him again during the registration next year.I also hope to see his awsome mom too!Until then,enjoy the holidays!!

Past Years Memories

Ahh..when I looked back during the fist day of school at SMK Dato Permaisuri, It makes me laugh.:) Seeing me back then,I can't explain how lost I am.Well,when I got a letter that states I'm going to SMK Dato Permaisuri,I felt..I dunno.That time,I always hear that school always cause such a fuss.Maybe I felt a little "depressed" about going to school there.Just a little.

When I first stepped foot there,what I could see we're all my seniors was hanging outside the school,smoking.That was a shock back then.Haha.Well,I got over it.Luckily.Afterthat,I went to the dewan.I was so surprise meeting my old pal,Amirul.It was a shocker.I mean,two best buddies from primary school meet again at secondary school.I was really happy.At least I got a buddy to talk with.

Once we entered the dewan,there were already a lot of students sitting on the floor.I was so embarrassed 'cause If I'm not mistaken,both of us were the only ones who arrived late for the assembly..What a nerve wreck.

How about I tell you the great friends i made during my time there?My first friend that i talked to is
Nixon Lau.Yeah.We sat next to each other during our first day and I spoke to him,asking about his name.Later on,I made friends with most of my classmates.During my 3rd week there, I already get along quite well with my fellow classmates.

Last year was probably the best year I'd spent together with my fellow classmates.You bet.It's 'cause
Cikgu Siti taught us.She's our English teacher on the privious year and quite an interesting one to.She really can ligthen up the mood,making her lessons more enjoyable.She always held this competition in class,where we have to devide in groups.Then,she will test us on our english knowledge by playing vocabulary games and stuff.I was so lucky that i paired up with Gabriel.Yeah.Best buddy of mine.We really did good and finally won the competitions held in class.I can't really recall what we won..but it really was something special i guess..

Last year ended with a great class party.All our friends gathered to spend the time together.It was really a great year,spending time with them.Going through all the hardship of  fellow students. 

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

School Holidays

Have you ever thought about school holiday being such a drag?Well,supposedly It's a ton of fun that we're having a holiday right now,espeacially for the Form 3 students.Ooohh!!How we've been longing for this holiday to come!But,I didn't realize that didn't going to school makes me "school sick".Probably,I dont know what to do with my time.Since my PS2 was broked down by my 2 year old baby cousin,I see there's nothing much to do.Well,perhaps you guys are thinking that I should go out more often with friends,right. But that's the parents aren't the "type" to let go of his child so easily.So,going out with friends is out of my options.Clearly.So what next!?

Ok,perhaps I didn't waste my time goofing around.I tried to study Form 4 subjects such as Chemistry,Biology,Physics,and Add Maths.I manage to understand a little about those subjects.(only the first two units of the books)But I still need someone to tutor me somehow.Studying alone makes me feel out of place you know.I haven't been like this always.It just started during the 2nd week of school holidays.Before that,I manage to study properly and without a doubt,I enjoyed studying.Well,maybe It's been a long time since i step foot in my school,missing all my friends who are precious to me.Seeing their faces just makes me happy you know.

Right now,I'm just sitting here,desperately waiting for school to start.But,our PMR results are just around the corner.I really can't wait for that.Well,until then, hope you guys out there enjoy the holidays,k!Don't just sit around the house,go out with friends!Be happy!Do the things you want to do!Enjoy yourselves people!
From this,I end my post.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Friend Of The Day

He is a guy whose life revolves around the art of photography and music.He is a cheerfull guy,always there when you are feeling sad or depressed.Yup,the friend that I'm gonna talk about today is Lizman Lim.

Me and Lizman are like buddies till the end man!From the first day I met him.I met this great person during the first day of school at Dato Permaisuri.Our friendship began to blossom  when I made him join my band Peer Pressure.Haha.Funny,'cause the band didn't turned out the way it suppose to be.But that didn' stop us there.We continue to share our deep inner thoughts about music though.I was relly astounded and amaze hearing him sing.His voice is really unique and no one can immitate his sound. 

The year passed by and we're still great friends.Unfortunately,he moved to another class this year.It really makes me sad seeing my great friend is in another class,but I still see him everyday.He always visit my class to ligthen the mood,always there to cheer us up.

If you have a friend like Lizman,I doubt that you'll ever fell lonely and miserable,'cause 'he is like a sun,brigthening the day with his shine.'

"About Me"

Ok,let's get started.I'm a 15 year old boy who is currently studying at SMK Dato Permaisuri.Got a lot of supporting friends.I kinda like that school very much.Not bad as people thought it would..Funny..And still waiting for my PMR results..Besides that,I'm a guy whose hobby is playing around with the guitar then if i'm in a bad mood,I'll play the piano.You know..playing music just brighten my life.Without them..the world would mean nothing.My other hobby is playing video games!!I really like playing video games people!!!I can't help myself!

Next is my favourite singers that I like to listen to.They are Jesse Mccartney,Leona Lewis,Daughtry,Celine Dion, and Kelly Clarkson.My favourite bands would be The Jonas Brothers,the uprising band The Maine, The Click 5 and Paramore.My taste in music is more to pop rock but i also enjoy listening to ballad songs.It soothes the soul you know..And P.S. Don't think I'm a fagged who listens to Jo Bro's songs okay..They sound kinda good.

My favourite food.Hmm...can't think of any..'Cause I eat almost anything which is eadible.Well.. perhaps hamburgers and simple stuff like that.

My ambition is to become a proscessing enginner for the oil and gas company.Maybe Petronas or Shell.Idunno..Maybe either one of them..

Lastly,my love life.This is quite an interesting topic to discuss.Well, I have a lot of 'girl friend' but not the official one yet.I just wanna make sure it stay that way until I find the 'ONE' who is right for me.The qualities I want in a girl..Hmm....they must be beautiful,smart,heart warming,funny,kind,caring,and most of least know how to play some musical instruments especially the piano.

Well,this all there is to know about me.I hope you guys enjoyed reading it!!I'll try posting some MORE interesting stuff on my blog.Until then,thanks for your time!!