Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's Day

Have you ever get a feeling where the whole day is about you?I mean,have you ever have the feeling to be wanted?To be..somehow...loved?Today is the day where all the people around the world share or express their feelings towards thier special someone.Today is the day where young couples go out and have some quality time together.Time where they share,express and just enjoy the moment being alone together.So,to all my friends who are reading this, enjoy the day with that special someone.Make every moment a moment you'll can't forget.Make this day a day you'll remember,cherish, and somehow enjoy it.So,to all readers..Happy Valentine's Day! 

A poem for you love birds out there.

Romance fills the air,
Cupids pointing their arrows,
Without doubt and hesitation,
Young men fill the candy store,
Loading and buying choclates,
For that special someone.

A gift to remember,
A gift to share,
A memory to cherish,
A memory to remember,
A moment where a girl,
And a boy,
Intertwine their hearts,
Leaving just the moment,
Of being together,
Alone with the tranquil moment.

Valentine's Day is day to remember,
A day of love and compassion,
Boys and girls,
Let this day be a day of love,
Thoughts being shared and feelings being let out,
Valentine's Day.

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