Sunday, January 10, 2010

First Week Of School

WOOHOO!!!I'm back people!!Enjoy the holidays?Well,I know i did!!Well the first week of school has passed and now .....It starts all over again.Nostalgic isn't it?Well it was okay but during Physics class , I kinda got my head in Grind-lock It was hard to wrap my mind around it , but I managed either way~

Seeing my freinds again makes me so alive!!I'm full of energy every morning 'cause i'll get to see them again!Spending the holiday without them was like spending the holiday with ghosts!When I mean freinds i mean ALL of them,including all my classmates.
Kristian didnt turn up today , which is a TOTAL surprise . So in the absence of his pal (kristian,tho im still No.1) he invited me to sit with him at the front row , but I was a little hesitant about it . I'm not avoiding him or anything ,no I was just nervous that the teacher might start being interrogative and asking a whole bunch of useless questions. Hah! but that's their job I suppose..

Ooooh and one of my friends told me about his "mentally challenged" friend who didn't know what 'idk' meant (idk means "I don't know") So his friend (who will remain Annonymous) asked him what 'idk' meant so he replied " I dont know". Thinking that was the answer , his friend tried to ask other's and even texting them but Avast , the answer was still the same that is ... "I dont know" SOOOO his friend went back and told him... "Nobody knows!"  LOL!