Friday, March 19, 2010

I'm Back !

I'm back people!! It's beeen a loooong time,hasn't it?It sure is!Well I was kinda stuck with homeworks,revisions,tuition,class activities, and stuff related to school.School,school,school.Kinda tired in repeating that.You won't realize how hard it is..wait a minute.. how challenging it is being in Form 4!!I mean Physics formula to memorize and exercises for Add Math.Aargghh!!Mentioning add maths just boils my blood you know!Aaarrggghh!!I did it again!

Well as you know,it's the March holidays.Yeah.You guys out there might think i'm enjoying my time relaxing,playing games(on the contrary,i do),or basically,hanging out with friends.Wohoo,enjoying myself.Well,most likely you'll find me sitting at the table studying,trying to figure out how to solve add maths questions,memorizing physics formula.Aaarrgghh!!You know,I just realize that i LIKE biology and chemesrty rather than physics.It's not that i totally HATE physics.It's just that i can't apply the formula right.Don't get me started on add maths.We already had our exams last week and boy,add maths was a sure killer.Hardly most of us manage to get the answers right!So,most likely,most of my friends would fail add maths.I'm not looking down on them,ok.I ask them about add maths and they keep replying the same answer,        
"Don't need to ask.Sure fail".My good friend Gabriel  told me that eventhough we got 38% or 40% for our add math,to put in words,FAIL our add maths,he told me to think positive,be happy on what we get eventhough we fail.He stated that if we continue to ponder and grief based on our results for add maths,it'll affects the rest of our subjects.So,he said "Wooohoo!I got a 38% for my add maths!At least i didn't get zero!!I'm going to show this to my mom with a big smile on my face!'' Ahhh...yeah.Well,now you know my pal Gabriel,the optimistic one.

Well, i gotta end it here.I really,really hope i pass my add math.At least a 41% would be good enough.At least i pass it.To all my friends who are reading this,good luck for your add math too or any other subjects that you are not sure in passing.With that,I end my post. :-)

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