Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Happy Birthday Gab ! :)

Happy birthday Gabriel! Wow! Couldn't believe you just turn 16 dude! Congrats! Now your going through the middle of teenage life. Good for you! Now, let me tell you my wish for you this time around. Hope you like it!

My wish for you is to always be happy. That wouldn't be a problem for you right? I know you better. More than that, I want you to excel in your studies too man. Ok now, don't think i'm forcing you to study all the time. No. All i'm trying to say is you just gotta do all you can. I mean, i don't mind if you read a book while your doing your ****** in the toilet. If it works and you manage to understand what your reading, than i'm glad. I'm not insulting you or something man. I never would. I'm trying to say that study your own way.(I was just exagerating,just wanna make it interesting :)  Oh yeah, one more thing, my last wish is i want you to be best bud till the end. 

Looks like i gotta end it here. Sorry if i ever did you wrong, but i hope you'll accept me as your bud. As always man, can't wait to see again. Until then, enjoy what's left of the holidays and Happy 16 Birthday Gabriel! 

P.S. Don't mind the music though...

Friday, May 14, 2010

Petro Science

What's up everyone! Suggesting from the title, I had participated in a science show at SM Sains 2 weeks ago. I can't tell you how nervous me and my friend  was with the show.Seriously! And guess who i partnered with for the science show..It's my best bud, Gabriel! I tell ya, me and Gab are just like salt and pepper,ham and cheese.We go so well together you know!Plus, we really enjoyed ourselves there!

Before the week of the show,we already prepared all of our stuff and materials for the competition.Props and everthing. Our experiment was applying the concept of density.As you all know, density is known as mass over volume.For our experiment, we managed to make a a pen cap stuffed with plasticine sink and float at will! I know,you guys might think we're nuts but you're mistaken. It really happened!

Once the competition was about to start, both of us were not nervous at all. Funny eh? Well, maybe because both of us are exposed well enough towards the crowds or...maybe it's just that only 5 schools participated? I think, the second reason is more reasonable. Haha! Seriously people! Only 5 schools participate, excluding those giants like SMK Chung Hua and Kolej Tunku Haji Bujang. We were like at peace I tell you. No worries at all. Honestly speaking, we really can't wait for our turn. We were the second school to present our project, so once it's our turn, we immediately went to the stage.

During the performance, we really, really, really enjoyed ourselves! We were having so much fun entertaining the audience! So, to make it more interesting, we called out a volunteer from the audience to try out the experiment. Gabriel did the picking and I told the male volunteer try to make the pencap in the bottle to sink. Here comes the good part. You see, when we did the presentation we made the pencap sink and float using the microphone and a plastic mechanical pecil. We briefly informed the audience that there is no magnets stuffed inside the plasticine, neither the microphone nor the plastic mechanical pencil. This made the audience and the judges a little sceptical on our topic. I guess, what was on their mind was,'How can they do it?' or Gabriel's idea... ,'Perhaps they are using some sort of medieval black magic of some sort?' Go Gabriel, with your silly ideas.Haha!! Well, coming back to our topic, so, once we called out the volunteer to try it out, he couldn't make it happen. So i passed him the mic, but he tried and nothing happened. The audience was yelling,'Sink it! Sink it!' all because of Gabriel. Gabriel kept on saying,'Sink it' untill the audience followed. I gotta praise him there though. Wouldn't be as much fun without him. Afterthat, I gave a brief explanation about the trick. Actually, when we press the bottle, a little amount of pressure is applied to the pencap. This in turn, will reduce the volume at a very small scale. Once the volume has been reduced, the density of the object will increase. This will allow the pencap to sink. 

After the performance, the three of us, Gabriel, Cikgu Eriffin, and me myself was overjoyed. I mean we managed to interact the audience very well. Even the judge and the teachers sitting at the front were at awe. I'm not trying to be full of myself ok. There were good competitors too. St.Columbus and SMK Merbau were very good too. Not to mention the other two schools as well. Anyhow, I hope that we can represent Miri at Kuching for this 'science show'. I really hope so. But, until then, I just gotta wait and be positive.

Looks like I have to end it here. Gotta do my revisions. Having tests for the next two weeks. So, hope you guys enjoyed it and I'll be writting new posts soon enough. Maybe during the holidays. Untill then, see ya!!  

Friday, April 30, 2010

Friend Of The Day

Well,well,well. It's been awhile since i posted anything.Well you guys gotta understand that i have a very tight schedule. (Sigh)It's not easy being me.. Anyways,today i'm gonna write a post about a friend who is always been there for me to cheer me up through my ups and downs. This friend is Rahwani,and yes..She is a girl.

Througout all my life befriending girls,somehow i find Rahwani to be 'slightly different' compared to the others.Different i mean as good different.Why i say this you asked?To tell the truth, I myself can't find the answer.Is it just fate or is it just a guy's instuition towards a girl?But somehow, this person is gonna a be a true friend indeed. Now, let me tell you how I met this amazing person.

It all started at Form 1.Yup, my first year at Dato Permaisuri. I first talked to her asking her name(Sorry..can't remember the exact moment. I kinda forgot..). Then,she answered saying her name was Rahwani. The moment she said her name,I was at peace. I mean,something about her voice, it's just so soothing.What I'm trying to say is here that her very speech warmths the soul.It's like a mother's warmth, caring for a child. Don't think it's something else people. Me and her are just great friends. Great friends till the end.

All the qualities I find about her are just amazing. Not only she is cute and smart,but she is also very 'halim' and posseses a 'down to earth attitude'. In class she is very friendly towards others. She is kind towards the others and also very hardworking. Last year, she managed to get straight A's people! Congrats to you Rahwani!

Looks like i'll end it here. I really hope the best for Rahwani to achieve her goals and life's ambition. I'll pray for her achievements always. Until then, I just hope our friendship would last. For now,I'll end my post. See ya!! :-)  

Friday, March 19, 2010

I'm Back !

I'm back people!! It's beeen a loooong time,hasn't it?It sure is!Well I was kinda stuck with homeworks,revisions,tuition,class activities, and stuff related to school.School,school,school.Kinda tired in repeating that.You won't realize how hard it is..wait a minute.. how challenging it is being in Form 4!!I mean Physics formula to memorize and exercises for Add Math.Aargghh!!Mentioning add maths just boils my blood you know!Aaarrggghh!!I did it again!

Well as you know,it's the March holidays.Yeah.You guys out there might think i'm enjoying my time relaxing,playing games(on the contrary,i do),or basically,hanging out with friends.Wohoo,enjoying myself.Well,most likely you'll find me sitting at the table studying,trying to figure out how to solve add maths questions,memorizing physics formula.Aaarrgghh!!You know,I just realize that i LIKE biology and chemesrty rather than physics.It's not that i totally HATE physics.It's just that i can't apply the formula right.Don't get me started on add maths.We already had our exams last week and boy,add maths was a sure killer.Hardly most of us manage to get the answers right!So,most likely,most of my friends would fail add maths.I'm not looking down on them,ok.I ask them about add maths and they keep replying the same answer,        
"Don't need to ask.Sure fail".My good friend Gabriel  told me that eventhough we got 38% or 40% for our add math,to put in words,FAIL our add maths,he told me to think positive,be happy on what we get eventhough we fail.He stated that if we continue to ponder and grief based on our results for add maths,it'll affects the rest of our subjects.So,he said "Wooohoo!I got a 38% for my add maths!At least i didn't get zero!!I'm going to show this to my mom with a big smile on my face!'' Ahhh...yeah.Well,now you know my pal Gabriel,the optimistic one.

Well, i gotta end it here.I really,really hope i pass my add math.At least a 41% would be good enough.At least i pass it.To all my friends who are reading this,good luck for your add math too or any other subjects that you are not sure in passing.With that,I end my post. :-)

Sunday, February 14, 2010

My Love Story

Every boy and girl have relationships that they want to share to thier friends.Who wouldn't?Some or most cases,a guy or girl have to face certain situations on thier love life.I have a share fair of ups and downs on loving someone.I really find it really difficult to love someone that special.Someone that is meaningfull to me.A special person that completes me.To be fair and honest,through all my 16 years,I haven't found that 'someone' yet.

Most of the girls i fall for are my friends love interest.Meaning,I fall for girls who are my male friends crush or the girl that they like.I am such a disgrace towards my friends.I love the girl that they love.I'm really sorry guys:<.If your'e reading this i'm really such a lowly guy,but I've made up my mind that love doesn't come that easily.It's not like buying a toy capsule.You know,the one where you just insert 20 cents and the capsule will come out.I finally realise that you can't buy love.Try to relate me in the song that you're hearing rite now.I specifically pick this song for my blog 'cause it really potray the way how my love life goes.The song 'Just So You Know' by Jesse McCartney is about Jesse and his two friends going out together.And one of his friends is a girl.Who'd knew that he fall for that girl,knowing that she is in a relationship with his friend.Same goes for me.But i realise that i can't just barge in someone's relationship.I have to find that special someone.I must not rely on my friends all the time.Love is hard to get.Somehow I still question myself,'What is love actually?' The question just keeps on coming in my head.But I think,you'll only find the meaning once you find that 'special someone' to relate to.

If you're wondering why I didn't barge in into my friends relationship or just take away the girl from them that they like it's because I AM NOT THAT TYPE OF PERSON.I am not the type of guy who would do such a thing to friend 'cause that's their chapter of their story.Not mine.I have to find my own 'someone' to complete the very chapter of my life.I feel very happy seeing my friends fall in love,while I'm just sitting there watching.It's not that I don't want to find that girl yet.It's just too early for me to get into relationships right now.All have to do now is study hard,achieve my goals, and be the person I want to be.I'm not saying that falling in love right now is wrong.No.I'm just saying that I think I can't cope with this whole love charade.With my studies to worry about,i can't juggle it properly.To me,succes comes first then love.That's my principles.

I would like to end it here today.'Me', being so emotional is totally wrong!Haha!This is totally out of character.Usually I'm a happy and cheery guy.Well,I'll end it here.Happy Valentine's Day and Happy Chinese New Year!!

P.S.Watch the music video above please.You'll understand. 

Valentine's Day

Have you ever get a feeling where the whole day is about you?I mean,have you ever have the feeling to be wanted?To be..somehow...loved?Today is the day where all the people around the world share or express their feelings towards thier special someone.Today is the day where young couples go out and have some quality time together.Time where they share,express and just enjoy the moment being alone together.So,to all my friends who are reading this, enjoy the day with that special someone.Make every moment a moment you'll can't forget.Make this day a day you'll remember,cherish, and somehow enjoy it.So,to all readers..Happy Valentine's Day! 

A poem for you love birds out there.

Romance fills the air,
Cupids pointing their arrows,
Without doubt and hesitation,
Young men fill the candy store,
Loading and buying choclates,
For that special someone.

A gift to remember,
A gift to share,
A memory to cherish,
A memory to remember,
A moment where a girl,
And a boy,
Intertwine their hearts,
Leaving just the moment,
Of being together,
Alone with the tranquil moment.

Valentine's Day is day to remember,
A day of love and compassion,
Boys and girls,
Let this day be a day of love,
Thoughts being shared and feelings being let out,
Valentine's Day.

Happy Chinese New Year!

Happy Chinese New Year  people!It's the time of year where people especially the Chinese,go out and have some fun.It is also the time for the Chinese to go back to their home town or we call it "balik kampung".So,to all my friend's out there who are reading this,have a blast and enjoy yourselves!Happy Chinese New Year everyone!