Friday, April 30, 2010

Friend Of The Day

Well,well,well. It's been awhile since i posted anything.Well you guys gotta understand that i have a very tight schedule. (Sigh)It's not easy being me.. Anyways,today i'm gonna write a post about a friend who is always been there for me to cheer me up through my ups and downs. This friend is Rahwani,and yes..She is a girl.

Througout all my life befriending girls,somehow i find Rahwani to be 'slightly different' compared to the others.Different i mean as good different.Why i say this you asked?To tell the truth, I myself can't find the answer.Is it just fate or is it just a guy's instuition towards a girl?But somehow, this person is gonna a be a true friend indeed. Now, let me tell you how I met this amazing person.

It all started at Form 1.Yup, my first year at Dato Permaisuri. I first talked to her asking her name(Sorry..can't remember the exact moment. I kinda forgot..). Then,she answered saying her name was Rahwani. The moment she said her name,I was at peace. I mean,something about her voice, it's just so soothing.What I'm trying to say is here that her very speech warmths the soul.It's like a mother's warmth, caring for a child. Don't think it's something else people. Me and her are just great friends. Great friends till the end.

All the qualities I find about her are just amazing. Not only she is cute and smart,but she is also very 'halim' and posseses a 'down to earth attitude'. In class she is very friendly towards others. She is kind towards the others and also very hardworking. Last year, she managed to get straight A's people! Congrats to you Rahwani!

Looks like i'll end it here. I really hope the best for Rahwani to achieve her goals and life's ambition. I'll pray for her achievements always. Until then, I just hope our friendship would last. For now,I'll end my post. See ya!! :-)