Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Happy Birthday Gab ! :)

Happy birthday Gabriel! Wow! Couldn't believe you just turn 16 dude! Congrats! Now your going through the middle of teenage life. Good for you! Now, let me tell you my wish for you this time around. Hope you like it!

My wish for you is to always be happy. That wouldn't be a problem for you right? I know you better. More than that, I want you to excel in your studies too man. Ok now, don't think i'm forcing you to study all the time. No. All i'm trying to say is you just gotta do all you can. I mean, i don't mind if you read a book while your doing your ****** in the toilet. If it works and you manage to understand what your reading, than i'm glad. I'm not insulting you or something man. I never would. I'm trying to say that study your own way.(I was just exagerating,just wanna make it interesting :)  Oh yeah, one more thing, my last wish is i want you to be best bud till the end. 

Looks like i gotta end it here. Sorry if i ever did you wrong, but i hope you'll accept me as your bud. As always man, can't wait to see again. Until then, enjoy what's left of the holidays and Happy 16 Birthday Gabriel! 

P.S. Don't mind the music though...